How Much Does It Cost to Raise a Great Dane (Food, Toys, Training, Vet Expenses)

Great Danes are lovely companions as they are energetic and fun. They will always be around, will like to play together, become exercise partners, and be excellent friends whether to you or your kids. However, before adopting one of these marvelous dogs, you should keep one thing in mind: they require lots of food and care in other areas. How much does a Great Dane eat? How much does it cost to take him to the vet? Or to pay for adequate training?

How Much Does It Cost To Raise A Great Dane?

Two veterinary students at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine have updated information on the expenditures associated with dog ownership.

The average cost of raising tiny dogs in the first year was $2674; medium dogs cost an average of $2889; big dogs cost an average of $3239; and giant breeds such as Great Danes cost an average of $3536. The average first-year cost was $3085 across all sizes.

Supplies were predicted to cost $432 per year, while the food was estimated to cost $435 per year and preventative medications to cost $389 per year. Veterinary charges were $650 per year and covered all lab testing, as well as the cost of one major sickness per year.

However, Great Danes eat more than other dogs since they are very big, so you can’t really think that you will pay only $435 in dog food each year. Take a look at the next topic to know for sure.

How Much Does It Cost To Feed A Great Dane?

How Much cost feed Great Dane

You’ll quickly discover that everything costs extra for large breeds.

Toys for great Danes are larger and more expensive, kids need greater doses of immunizations and other medicines, and their beds are around the same price as yours. And, of course, they need lots of food. But how much, exactly?

Even as pups, Great Danes need a low-protein, low-calcium, and low-fat diet. It is critical to begin feeding adult maintenance dog food recipes, NOT puppy food.

A typical puppy meal will provide them with an excessive amount of protein, calcium, and fat, which will result in rapid growth and health concerns.

It is important to divide your Dane’s daily food into two or even three meals to minimize bloating. Bloat is a frightening condition for Great Danes; it indicates that his stomach has been twisted and his intestines have become compromised, and it is dangerous enough to be fatal.

If your dog gets swollen, she needs quick medical treatment, which will almost certainly result in a $1,000 to $1,500 operation.

These dogs will eat as much as possible, and if you want to keep them healthy (and so save future vet expenditures), you must give them high-quality dog food. The expense of food alone might easily exceed $100 each month.

How Much Do Great Danes Eat?

Your Great Dane will eat up to 8-10 cups (1.89-2.3L) of dog food daily. This is most likely to occur during his growth surge period. He may even consume more in certain circumstances! 

When your Great Dane reaches maturity, he will consume closer to 6-10 cups (1.41-2.36L) of food per day. You’ll discover how much to feed your Great Dane at each stage of his life, how to ensure he’s eating the proper food and general recommendations for your dog’s eating habits in the sections below!

How Much Food Do Great Dane Puppies Need?

A Great Dane puppy requires around 2,500–3,000 calories per day. While an adult Great Dane requires around 2,500 calories, developing pups need much more calories to maintain proper growth.

They should be served in equal quantities three times a day. Maintain a consistent feeding plan to ensure your puppy’s health.

The quantity of food your puppy requires will vary according to whether it is a male or female and the pup’s natural size.

Throughout puppyhood, pups will need increasing amounts of food. On the upper end, a Great Dane may need up to ten to fifteen cups of food each day.

What Types Of Toys Great Danes Need?

Due to the fact that Great Danes tend to lope about a little while they’re outdoors, things that can be utilized in a retrieve game are very optimum. He’ll also like batting about and chasing balls on his own. He thrives on romping about with big spheres that may be the size of certain toy breeds due to his bulk.

A selection of the finest dog toys for great Danes will also cater to their inner dog’s demands. The majority of chew toys have the additional advantage of aiding with oral hygiene.

This is especially beneficial in this case since the breed already bears a high risk of illness without having to contend with preventive dental issues.

Fortunately, toys are the cheapest part of raising a Great Dane, as you can find really cheap toys that will keep your pup entertained for a long time.

The Kong is the most popular toy for huge dogs that need to chew constantly but also like to fetch.

Another great toy for these huge dogs is the Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll Rope and Ball Dog Toy.

How Much Does Professional Training Cost?

Puppy training lessons are an excellent choice for all canines since they help socialize puppies and improve owner confidence. 

If you are a seasoned dog owner, you may question the need for puppy training lessons. Due to the Great Dane’s lack of protectiveness and dominance, obedience training is unlikely to be essential.

On average, first puppy training lessons cost $100 for a five-week course. This usually entails one hour-long session each week. 

If you want a more intensive or one-on-one training course, the fee will be much more. For instance, some dog training businesses charge several thousand dollars for boot-camp-style training for dogs. It all depends on the level of support you need.

Also, in the case of Great Danes, they genuinely need training since puppyhood. These dogs can’t learn much in adulthood if they haven’t been trained while puppies.

What Are The Vet Costs For Great Danes?

As with other pups, these dogs need three veterinarian visits throughout their first year for physical examinations and required immunizations. At an average cost of $150 each visit, this adds up to $450. Heartworm, flea, and tick preventative treatments are monthly and cost an average of $15 each month. Due to the need for them, we have included them in the first and future years.

You may expect to neuter or spay your dog since many puppy or adoption contracts include this requirement. This service typically costs between $150 and $450. 

Fortunately, the Great Dane breed is a reasonably healthy one. However, like with other breeds, he is prone to certain illnesses that are often associated with his size. 

Hip dysplasia is a prevalent problem in big breed dogs, and treatment may cost between $500 and $13,000, depending on the severity. As you can see, medical care may be quite expensive and unexpected. As a result, purchasing pet insurance is a sensible decision that may sometimes prove to be a lifesaver.

What Supplies Great Danes Need?

This is the equipment that you will need to purchase prior to your pup’s arrival. If you’ve previously had a large dog or a similarly proportioned enormous dog, you can utilize some of the items you currently possess. Of course, as long as it is no longer in use!

The Great Dane puppy is enormous, and he will grow to be much larger as an adult! This implies he’ll almost certainly need everything in XXL, which is more expensive than XS.

Rather than purchasing new goods at each growth stage, there are certain products that are immediately available in XXL.

For instance, an XXL dog kennel equipped with training partitions is ideal for Fidos that develop quickly. Additional items, including collars and harnesses, will need to be changed when he grows out of them.

Certain supplies, like dog food, you need to buy on a monthly basis. And some may need to be replaced as they get damaged or worn out, which may occur many times over his lifetime.

Generally, the higher the quality, the longer they will endure. For instance, certain high-quality dog beds developed specifically for the Great Dane are built to last a lifetime.

  • Food & Water Bowls: $20
  • Food (30lb bag): $50
  • Dog Collar: $20
  • Leash: $15
  • Bed: $100
  • Crate: $100
  • Stain & Odor Removal Spray: $10
  • Poop Bags (1 yr supply): $55
  • ID tags : $10
  • Microchipping: $40
  • Harness: $30
  • Toys: $25
  • Treats: $25
  • First Aid Kit: $30
  • Car Restraint: $15
  • Brush: $15
  • Nail Clippers: $15
  • Shampoo: $10
  • Toothbrush Kit & Brush: $10

These are a lot of little things that might not look like much if you view each thing separately, but in total it is a whopping $685! That is the initial investment that your new Great Dane puppy requires.

Raise Great Dane expense

Final Words About How Much Does It Cost To Raise A Great Dane

If you are willing to adopt a Great Dane, there are lots of costs to consider beforehand.

Big dogs are very cute and they are friends for life, but they require you to spend a lot on toys, food, vet, training, supplies, etc. We listed all you will certainly need so that you can plan yourself well before adopting a puppy.

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