Best Nail Clippers For Great Danes 2024 & How To Use Them

Great Danes are active dogs and their paws bear a lot of load due to their large frame. Keeping their nails trimmed is the best way to avoid any pain points in their paws. 

A trip to the vet for trimming your Great Dane nails might cost you a good sum and considering that you need to trim them regularly, it’s better to learn how to do it yourself.

The BOSHEL Dog Nail Clippers are the best clipper to use on Great Danes in terms of build quality and ease of use. And coming very close are the gonicc Dog & Cat Pets Nail Clippers which give all that you need for trimming Great Dane nails.

So let’s dive in to learn all we need to know about clipping Great Danes nails.

Best Nail Clippers For Great Danes: Quick Comparison

BEST RATED BOSHEL Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer
  • Stainless Steel Blades
  • Safety Stop & Lock
  • Nail File Included
  • Built-in File Housing
  • 0.25 Lbs
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RUNNER UP gonicc Dog & Cat Pets Nail Clippers and Trimmers
  • Stainless Steel Blades
  • Safety Stop & Lock
  • Nail File Included
  • Built-in File Housing
  • 0.33 Lbs
Check Price
Dudi Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmers
  • Stainless Steel Blades
  • Safety Stop & Lock
  • Nail File Included
  • No File Housing
  • 0.33 Lbs
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Thunderpaws Professional-Grade Nail Clippers for Dogs
  • Stainless Steel Blades
  • Safety Stop & Lock
  • Nail File Included
  • Built-in File Housing
  • 0.31 Lbs
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HAWATOUR Dog Nail Clippers
  • Stainless Steel Blades
  • Safety Stop & Lock
  • Nail File Included
  • No File Housing
  • 0.27 Lbs
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Best Nail Clipper Great Danes

Top Rated Nail Clippers For Great Danes 2024: Reviews

1. BOSHEL Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer

Best Rated

The BOSHEL Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmer has been my favorite for a long time because of its comfortable grip and high quality blades. 

The blades are very sharp and made from 3.5mm Stainless steel which is of a high grade.

This ensures that the blades stay sharp for a very long time and thus reduce chances of clipping injury.

The opening of the cutting edges are wide enough for most big dogs like the Great Dane.

A safety stop is provided to avoid deep cuts and there is also a plastic safety lock to prevent misuse by children.

The mini nail file included in the package can be stored within the handle of the clipper. You might need a larger nail file if you don’t consider yourself dexterous. 


  • Light Weight
  • Comfortable Grip
  • Sharp Blades


  • Small Nail File

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2. gonicc Dog & Cat Pets Nail Clippers and Trimmers

Ergonomic design for comfortable trimming

It’s hard to choose between the BOSHEL and the gonicc Dog Nail Clipper since both are made of high grade material and are solidly built.

The blade mouth is quite wide and perfect for using on Great Danes.

Both a metal safety stop for maintaining cut depth and a plastic safety lock for keeping children safe is provided on the Nail clipper.

A nice mini nail file is also included and it can be conveniently stored within the clipper itself, albeit the file might feel too small for some people.


  • Ergonomic handles
  • Good quality material


  • Small Nail File

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3. Dudi Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmers

Heavy duty dog nail trimmer

The Dudi Dog Nail Clipper is well built like a professional grooming tool and functions as one as well. 

It has springs with a strong rebound which helps in making precise cuts and the handle is made with finger recesses like traditional tool handles which some may prefer.

The razor sharp stainless steel blades have openings suitable for large Great Dane nails and they also have a safety stop to prevent deep nail cuts.

The Dudi Dog Nail Clipper comes with a metal safety stop which is located on the side and is more effective against children’s wits than the regular plastic stops.

Although there is no inbuilt nail file, a large and easy to use file is included with the package.

Given its rugged design, the clipper is a bit heavier than others which might be preferable if you want to cut with precision but some might find it tiring to use.


  • Strong spring action
  • Large Nail File


  • Heavy

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4. Thunderpaws Professional-Grade Nail Clippers for Dogs

Superb quality dog nail clipper at a reasonable price

Another well built and reliable clipper for Great Danes is the Thunderpaws Professional Grade Nail Clippers for Dogs.

It has super sharp blades made of high grade stainless steel which let you cut tough nails easily with one stroke.

The blade openings are also wide enough for large Great dane nails.

The clippers come with a standard plastic child safety lock and a stainless steel stopper which helps avoid deep cuts to the nails.

The handles feel comfortable to hold and come with storage space for a mini nail file which is included.


  • Comfortable to hold
  • Sharp blades


  • Nail file is quite small

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5. HAWATOUR Dog Nail Clippers

Rugged and reliable Great Dane nail clipper

The HAWATOUR Dog Nail Clippers have a rugged and sturdy design which feel great for people with strong hands.

The spring action too is pretty strong so that precise cuts can be made.

The stainless steel blades are of high quality which will last many years and have a generous opening to accommodate large Great Dane nails.

There is a free nail file included which itself is also easy to hold and use but it doesn’t have storage space within the clipper handles.

Overall, the HAWATOUR Dog Nail Clippers are great for precise nail clipping and you definitely need strong hands in order to appreciate the rugged design.


  • Rugged design
  • Strong spring action


  • Little hard to squeeze

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How Often Do You Clip Great Dane Nails?

Great Dane nails should be clipped at least once in 2 weeks. This ensures that the nails don’t grow too much and that the dog has trouble walking on flat surfaces.

Another big reason you should trim Great Dane nails at least once in a couple of weeks is unwanted growth.

The quickness of a nail is the sensitive flesh part over which the nail grows. You must have noticed pain when sometimes you cut your own nails too short.

That is because you have cut the nail so much that the quick is exposed.

So it is always better to keep the nails trimmed regularly in order to keep the quick from growing outward and have a worry free nail clipping time with your Great Dane.

How Use DANE clippers

How To Trim Great Dane Nails?

Since they have bigger nails than most canines, trimming Great Dane nails requires a fair bit of patience, love and skill.

Assuming you have accustomed your Great Dane to your handling of its paws, first let your dog lay down in a relaxed position.

Then gently hold its paw and examine the length and shape of each nail. Now using the clipping, clip only a very small tip from the nail.

Great Danes generally have black nails which make it tricky to spot the quick.

But if you look carefully each time you clip the nail, you can see that you are nearing a dark black spot inside the nail which is quick.

Making sure that your dog feels comfortable each time, slowly trim the nails in very small bits till you can see that you’re near the quick. Also keep cheering up your Great Dane in a gentle reassuring tone.

Nail Clippers For Great Danes FAQ

Do Great Danes Need Their Nails Trimmed?

Yes, Great Danes which are brought up in homes need their nails trimmed at regular intervals to ensure their legs are strong and healthy.

How Short Do You Keep Your Dane’s Nails?

The nails that have grown extended below the paws need to be trimmed at least to such a length that no nail clicking sound can be heard when walking. 

Maintaining a Great Dane’s nails trimmed above its paw, helps the dog move around without feeling uneasy due to the nails hitting the ground.

How Do You Cut An Uncooperative Dog’s Nails?

Trimming nails off an uncooperative Great Dane might seem like an impossible even dangerous job but there is a way out of it.

Great Danes are highly intelligent and trainable dogs. Assuming your relationship with the dog is amicable, you can train it to not only let you trim its nails but also enjoy the process.

How on earth! you might be wondering. Where there is a will, there is a way my friend.

First thing first, you need to gain the sensitive Great Dane’s trust that if it gives its paw to you, you wont bite, burn it to ashes or worse, use it to scratch your itchy back.

So in order for the dog to believe that nothing bad happens when you talk hold of it paws,

Start by gently patting and massaging its legs now and then when you and the dog are in a positive mood.

Once it is comfortable with that, move on to squeezing its paws and very gently playing with its nails.

Note that it takes a while, maybe even a couple of weeks or more for the dog to get accustomed to you handling its nails.

Reward your dog with treats often when it lets you play with its nails and thus you can win its trust.

Before you start planning a party for the grand nail clipping day, spend one more week, accustoming your dog with the nail clipper.

You can do this by pretending to clip its nails with the actual clipper and rewarding your Great Dane during the process with treats.

Now that your Great Dane is comfortable with both you and the nail clipper, you are ready to give your dog a very pleasant manicure time.

Is It Better To Clip Or Grind Dog Nails?

Grinding dog nails let you slowly trim the nail and help you better avoid cutting too short so as to hit the quick.

But if you can learn to clip Great Dane nails using clippers, which you will in a couple of tries, using clippers is more preferable mainly because it takes less time.

Clippers don’t make noise or high frequency vibration and they are easy to handle too. They help you keep the nail clipping time short and sweet for both yourself and your Great Dane.

What Nail Trimmer Do Vets Use For Great Danes?

Vets and professional pet groomers mostly use standard open mouthed nail clippers for trimming Great Dane nails.  

Since they are well trained and usually have some to help, Nail Clippers do a quick and easy job in most cases.

Final Words On The Best Nail Clippers For Great Danes 2024 & How To Use Them

You have proved yourself as an excellent dog owner by caring enough to read through the article to help keep your Great Dane happy and healthy.

Buying the best nail clippers in the market gets half the work done because you don’t need to deal with the additional headache caused by low quality nail clippers.

Without a doubt the BOSHEL Dog Nail Clippers are the best choice for clipping Great Dane nails and the gonicc Dog & Cat Pets Nail Clippers are the top alternative.

The Dudi Dog Nail Clippers and Trimmers will prove to be a better choice if you are looking for a heavy duty nail clipper that will last a lifetime.

A great value for money option is the Thunderpaws Professional-Grade Nail Clippers for Dogs which have an ergonomic design and is made of high quality cutting blades.

Last but not the least, we have the super rugged HAWATOUR Dog Nail Clippers, which is perfectly suitable for professional groomers who clip big canines like the Great dane.

Along with one of these top Great Dane nail clippers all you need is a little patience with yourself and your Great Dane and very soon it’ll be Clip Clip Hurray!

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